Sunday, October 19, 2008


Brooke has made me aware of how much I have neglected our poor blog (sorry blog!) so, as to make me, and Bee happy, I've decided to do what has happened in a nutshell. That means one photo depicting every event, but, somehow, I'll pull through. If I MUST go into more detail, I'd be happy too, I just don't really have any idea what everyone wants to hear about so.... here it goes.
This is at Lake Powell. We went there for Youth Conference in June and had a blast. We had themed dinners, so this night's theme was pirate.

Who could forget Dad's birthday? Unfortunatly, we were at Girls Camp on the actual day of his birthday, but, we were able to make a cake up there, so it's all good!

Which brings me to my next one, Girls Camp! Since Mom's in Young Women's she came, and Dad came up on preisthood night. Dad must have missed us because he made us this sign!

Bee and J came to play! Wahoo! We had many fun adventures with them. Can't wait til you guys come out again.... or better yet, we go there!

We saw Stadium of Fire when Bee and J came. I don't think it counts as them visiting because it's a whole different holiday. Go Miley!
The Primary Parade is deffinatly a favorite of mine, and mom toatlly has the wave down.

We went and saw the Abba impersonations and they were great!

We had our cousin T.J. and his friend Elijah come visit. It was fun having them, even if they were a bit crazy at times.

Well, that seems about it. More recently, I had my birthday, but that's on my blog. Coming up next, Christmas!