Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spring Break

What was that? Parent's surprised us by going to Vegas!

Mother helped us find the directions with her numerous glasses! :)

We went to the M&M factory and had fun seeing a 3-d movie there.

Mother's idea to pose with the stuffed M&M's
It took numerous trips to various discount ticket places, but we eventually got tickets to see Cirque De Soile's show, KA

The costumes were great and it was really fun!

Playing at the aquarium with sting rays. And dropping subtle hints that we should get another one soon....

Studying the jelly fish

The conservatory at the Belagio had all these things made out of flowers.
All in all, very fun vacation!

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J n Bee said...

oh boy! who is monitoring this blog? aubs, is that you?
sometimes i look at pictures of me, from only a year ago- refer to banner family picture- and wonder what was i thinking sporting that hair style?
is that what i am going to say about how i look today in a year?
oh boy indeed!:)